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laboratory with air mover on floor

Commercial Storm Water Damage

Whether it is a leaky room from a storm or a pipe break in the ceiling SERVPRO is here to help. We have equipment setup at this commercial building after a storm. Minimal impact to business operations. 

burned sunroom

Sunroom catches on fire

When their sun room caught on fire, SERVPRO responded quickly and removed the fire damaged material so the rebuild process could get started. 

About US:

SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified Firm. We believe in continuous training: from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. Our management team has over 35 years of combined experience in the restoration industry. 

  room with floors and drywall removed

Extensive Water Damage

When this office complex had a pipe break but was unnoticed for weeks the damage was extensive. The walls had to be removed up to 5 ft high and multiple layers of flooring were removed. 

kitchen counters covered and protected

Cover and Protect

When doing demo, the most important and time consuming is the preparation. All cabinets and counter tops are covered and protected to avoid any unnecessary damage and reduces cleanup. This ensures that we leave the property better than we found it, not worse. This also leads to higher customer satisfaction for SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas.


Kitchen Fire

When this kitchen caught on fire it caused smoke to spread throughout the house. SERVPRO was there to help get the entire house cleaned and returned to its original state. 


Kitchen Counters saved

When you have a water damage in your kitchen the damage can be extensive. These counters were one of a kind and the customer wanted them saved even if the cabinets had to be removed. We saved the day and preserved the cabinets.


Sewage Backup at Commercial Building

When this bathroom toilet backup up they called SERVPRO. We arrived within 1 hour and started the clean up process and had the bathroom operational by they time they opened the next morning. 


Bathroom Water Damage

Burst pipes happen quite often and this homes bathroom is an unfortunate example of it. The floors were severely damaged and had to be taken out but SERVPRO fixed the damage in no time. "Like it never even happened."

Standing water

Flood in Prunedale

Extreme weather calls for unfortunate circumstances like floods. This Prunedale home was greatly affected by a flood. With 7 inches of standing water, no job is too big for SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas. The end results made the house look brand new again.


Heavy Rains in Monterey

Storms can pick up high speed winds and if a window is left open, can leave a mess behind of debris. This house in Monterey was affected by a storm and needed to get the kitchen cleaned of all the leaves and water. SERVPRO was called to the scene and left the customer very happy with the results


Mold in Computer Lab

This computer lab was covered in mold spots. Immediate remediation was needed. Our certified technicians at SERVPRO answered the call and we're ready to help the library look brand new again. 


Flood in a Business

A local business was hit with a flood when one of their major pipe bursts and affected the rooms and hallway. SERVPRO was ready with the proper equipment and used containment to speed the drying process.

Air Movers in Hallway

Commercial Water Damage

This commercial water damage was caused by a storm. The floor was completely affected. SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas was able to dry it out completely and left the company very happy with the results!

Burnt Items

Severe House Fire

Although, the fire was severe and the damage affected almost the whole house, the job is never too big for SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas. The technicians handled the job with care and comforted the family throughout the process.


Mold in Living Room

The corner of this living room was affected with Mold. Only certified professionals like the technicians at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas can help. We were quick to stop the spreading and remove the mold completely.


House Kitchen Fire

This small house fire occurred in a Seaside home. Luckily, the fire didn't spread to the rest of the house and SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas was able to be on sight within the day and clean it to pre-condition in no time.

Disaster Recovery Team Truck

Disaster Recovery Team

This photo shows 1 of the many Disaster Recovery Team Trailers. The Disaster Recovery Team is poised and ready for whatever happens. SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team is trained and equipped to handle the largest storms.

Ceiling collapsed

Heavy Winds

A tree fell through this home. Missing the homeowners room by a foot. SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas rushed to remove all items from the bedroom during the storm. Thankfully all occupants were safe. 

Tree collapsed on home due to heavy winds

Heavy Winds in Monterey

Heavy winds caused a tree to go through a home. No one was hurt. SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas was quick to respond. There isn't a job we can't handle. 

Burned furniture

House Fire Monterey County, CA

This was the aftermath of a house fire in Monterey County that we arrived to. On scene there was significant smoke and soot damage, we moved quickly and efficiently to clean and deodorize everything that was capable of restoring. The owner was in shock but very pleased with how comforted they were during the whole process!

Mold on walls

Local Restaurant Mold Clean

A local Monterey County restaurant trusts SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas to inspect and clean the inside. After cleaning the restaurant was back to its prime condition and ready to work.

SERVPRO work van

SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas Van

The Ford E-250 painted in the sharp green color allows SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas to serve the beautiful Monterey County. This SERVPRO van can be packed tight with equipment to ensure that we always come prepared to any disaster.

Equipment in warehouse

Stocked and Ready To Go

Here at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas we have all the equipment necessary for any sized disaster. We pride ourselves at SERVPRO on being able to put-forth any amount of equipment regardless of how big the loss is.

SERVPRO compact vehicle

SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas Fuel Friend

This Nissan NV200 allows us at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas to get to and from our destinations without wasting gas. It has a 25 mpg rating and is very safe and easy to handle while on the road.

Box truck for bigger jobs

Box Truck

This GMC Box Truck allows us at SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas be able to pack up rooms worth of customers items and hall them away to storage. With all the vehicles and equipment that we have available there is no size disaster that we can't clean up!

Hallway daily departure

Hallway Dry-out

This hallway needed to be dried out before mold spores started to appear and spread throughout the house. In the back you can see that the room is sealed off during the drying process so that the loss is contained completely and can't spread anywhere. 

Saturated carpet

Bathroom Water Damage

After a water pipe broke in this home's bathroom it proceeded to flood the flooring and leak into the master bedroom's carpeting. Luckily it was a clean water line so the bedroom was able to be restored without the issue of black water soaking into the carpet. 

Water damage to ceiling

Kitchen Ceiling Pipe Broke

A water pipe that ran along the top of this kitchen ceiling broke and began to leak throughout. SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas arrived on scene and took apart a piece of the ceiling and stopped the spread of water from going anywhere else. We were able to stop the spread of water and save the owners a lot of money in repair. 

Visible mold in cabinets

Mold in Cabinets

The cabinets had to be taken out in-order to ensure that the mold could be completely extracted from the walls and the infestation stopped. The kitchen was fully cleaned, and the mold was successfully remediated. 

Burnt items

Extensive Fire due to electrical malfunction

This fire started with an electrical malfunction and charred 1/3 of the interior of the house and caused smoke and soot damage throughout. We cleaned it up the debris and removed the charred material and prepared the site for rebuilding. 

Wet carpet

Hot Water Heater Leak

The hot water heater in this home was leaking from the back nozzel and caused a good amount of water damage to the flooring. The flooring needed to be dried quickly in-order to ensure that mold wouldn't form.

Visible mold inside cabinets

Mold in Laundry Room

The washing machine supply line had a leak in it and it leaked throughout the inside of the walls in the laundry room. There was mold present so the dry wall had to be cut out and the area completely cleaned.

Appliances burned by fire

Fire in Laundry Room

A fire broke out in the laundry room of this home. It was expected that the cause of the fire was likely due to a faulty appliance. There was a lot of smoke and soot damage throughout the house.

Mold discovery under carpet pad

Mold in Master Bedroom

There was mold found underneath the flooring so our SERVPRO technicians had to remove the tile over the subfloor and then they could access and clean the mold. After the mold was cleaned our technicians installed a dehumidifier to dry out the room and flooring.

Emergency worker in the field

Monterey Winds

Monterey County has many different weather patterns that roll in throughout the year. In the Carmel area especially it is important to protect your cars, and rooftops from falling trees during the windy season.

Side of home burned by fire

Fire Outside Home

A fire occurred right outside the house and in order to save it the firemen had to spray the house with water. Water damage was caused to the inside of the home due to the amount of water used to protect the house. There was also structural damage caused by the fire.   

Ceiling affected by water

Ceiling Damage

This ceiling from an assisted living center located in Monterey County was destroyed due to heavy storms. Water leaked through the roof. Luckily nothing collapsed and SERVPRO of Marina/North Salinas was quick to act to save the items in the room.